Disco Club Čierny Orol has started its activity for people in 1987 year as one of the first disco clubs in Prešov.

Čierny Orol has passed through many various phases and changes influenced by people like Marián KLUS, Peter HNÁT, Ľudovít BREZINA, Peter DUHAŇ and Marek POPRENDA.

Work of those people showed the club the right way and the name Čierny Orol stayed and always stays in minds of many people they a1ways visit Čierny Orol in presence.

We know well, that perfection is not certainty of life and work, and because of that we always try to solve the occasional problems of company, but also the questions of being interesting for now and for future.

I am convinced about the pressures of Slovak business, but on the other side we try to find out ways how to be successful in such a difficult time.

Dear clients, we are looking forward to spend more beautiful moments together with you.